Our student testimonials page is a testament to the impact our education institute has had on the lives of our students. Here, you’ll find heartfelt accounts of personal growth, academic achievement, and transformative experiences shared by those who have walked our halls. From overcoming challenges to reaching new heights, these testimonials reflect the diverse journeys and shared successes of our student community. We invite you to explore these stories and discover firsthand the power of education to inspire, empower, and change lives.

MES is a place which not only teaches academics but also teaches values, culture and also encourages to outshine talents…..

Meghana.S BSc (BZP)

As a student of MES Arts Commerce Science College, you
will have access to a vibrant student community,…

DIVYA TR ( S1914080)

Studying at MES was a wonderful experience and a memory to treasure a lifetime. My time at MES was jam-packed with…

Arjun M Shivakumar
2006 – 2009 – Bachelor of Science

I graduated from MES Degree College of Arts, Commerce and Science in 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Computer Science….


My college days are the best part of my life. My teachers encouraged me to explore my talent &potential by providing …


I am Pradyumna Vasishta, a proud student of MES degree college from batch 2017. MES degree college is one of the best…


Being a part of MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science genuinely changed my life. Making good friends, meeting mentors…

Anirudh J Baliga

MES College of arts, science and commerce gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their…

Preetha D.R

I am very proud of my degree days in MES College. The 3 year period of my Bachelor’s in Science course was an….

Vinutha S Asundi
BSc-Chemistry, Botany, Zoology 2016-2019

I graduated in the year 2016 and my time at MES was one of the most memorable years of my life. I’d always loved Life Sciences …

Surabhi Deshpande
Bachelor’s in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology – 2013- 2016

MES Degree College of Arts, Commerce and Science is the best College for students who wanted higher Education …

Could not understand the name

For me I can say MES college is like an app which updates itself to the current trends and it helps us to update ourselves….

Could not understand the name

MES COLLEGE OF ARTS, COMMERCE AND SCIENCE is very good College. It has an excellent faculty…

Samarth M.N

My overall experience in MES college has been amazing. MES COLLEGE is a temple of knowledge with best…

Aishwarya B Patil
B.com Accounts and HIR

MES has given me the best exposure to areas such as academics and extra curricular activities. It’s a great…

Ponnanna K.C
B.Com – 2016-2019