“A Mentor is someone who allows mentees to see the hope inside them”

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To bridge the gap between the mentor and the mentee.
  2. To ensure the quality performance of the students in academics.
  3. To deal with the related issues for the holistic development of the students.
  4. To provide mutual support and congenial learning environment.
  5. To inspire and motivate for higher studies and competitive examinations.
  6. To discuss stress related issues.
  7. To regulate the academic involvement and assess the outcome.

Mentoring Programe Practice:

Role and responsibility of mentor:

  1. A Mentor shall maintain a diary for the students assigned to him/her.
  2. The diary will contain all the relevant information about the students.
  3. The Mentor shall meet the students on a regular basis either as a group or individually.
  4. The Mentor will also organize meetings with the parents of the students
    from time to time.
  5. The Mentor shall record and keep the track of the academic and co-
    curricular progress of the students.
  6. The Mentor shall guide and counsel the students on academic and personal
  7. The Mentor should be easily accessible to the students.
  8. The Mentor’s Diary should be updated with information about the mentees on a regular basis.

Documents to be maintained:

  1. Mentor Diary
  2. Mentor Report in given Format for each semester.
  3. Any other additional documents