The Nobel Prize is a set of international awards given annually in several categories, including physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace, and economic sciences. The Nobel Prize in each category is accompanied by a lecture, known as the Nobel Lecture, where the laureate provides insights into their work and its significance.

The Nobel Lecture serves as an opportunity for the laureate to share their experiences, perspectives, and the impact of their contributions to their respective fields. These lectures often provide valuable insights into the laureate’s research, the development of their ideas, and the broader implications of their work for society.

The Management of MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science is relentlessly conducting the Nobel Insight Lectures series as a part of an outreach initiative to create awareness among the students, faculty and general public about the winners of the Nobel Prizes, the nature and significance of their work and its future applications. The various departments of MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science have bought the vision of MES Management into actuality impeccably.

In the year 2022, Exclusive collection of books related to the noble prizes in all the subjects was inaugurated by the honourable president of MES institutions,Mrs.Vimala Rangachar and Dr.Usha BV from Bengaluru This is a unique collection of books through which our students and faculty get an inspiration by reading about the work done by noble prize winners in various subjects.The endeavour of the institution will be to collect many such books to the library.