Student Clubs & Activities

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Astronomy Club

“Conquering the MESsier Objects”

For three­ inspiring years, the astronomy club at MES College­ has brought together many e­nthusiasts to explore the unive­rse. Founded in 2021, our group’s fascination with the stars has blossome­d through five breathtaking stargazing mee­tups under the night sky. We’ve­ also gained insight on our celestial surroundings through thre­e illuminating visits to observatories across India. At the­ Ooty Radio Observatory nestled in the­ Nilgiri Hills and the renowned Jawaharlal Ne­hru Planetarium in the city, we’ve­ expanded our knowledge­ of the wonders overhe­ad. With telescope in hand, our que­st to map the heavenly bodie­s has been successful, as we­’ve identified thre­e elusive Me­ssier objects shining above. Still our curiosity for cosmic discove­ries remains. As our journey through the­ vast space of stars continues, more cosmic beauties await as we gaze at the­ galaxy together.

Anti-Ragging Cell

“Education Empowers, Ragging Devours”

The Anti ragging Cell is in place to create awareness among all the students and prevent them from indulging in ragging .

The cell serves as a reminder to students that ragging is a punishable offence and can lead to severe consequences . It keeps a keen vigil and stops the incidences of ragging so that every student feels safe , respected and valued .

Zero tolerance for ragging , zero tolerance for hate is practiced in word , deed and action in MESACS .

By focusing on creating a strong and effective anti ragging cell , it has made a significant impact in promoting a safer and congenial campus for all to stay .

Counseling Cell

“Mental Health Matters”

The Counseling Cell at MES College aims to promote mental health of all its stakeholders by creating awareness. The members of the cell counsel students on issues pertaining to academics, personal and psychological problems and emotional upheavals.
Members of the cell believe that Mental Health Matters and it is as important as physical health. Students are encouraged to reach out for support in times of need and are informed that there is no stigma attached to seeking mental health support.

Consumer Club

The Consumer Club was initiated by the Department of Commerce in the year 2021. This is a club started under the guidance and mentorship of the Consumer Care Society- a non- profit organisation in the tenure of Mr. Ashok M L, the President and Mr. Gopal Ratnam, the Secretary of the Consumer Care Society for the year 2022-23. The club was formally inaugurated on the 23rd of November, 2022.

The club was brought into force by the consent and approval of the Head of the Institution, Dr. D UshaRani, the HOD of Commerce, Prof. Girija Ananth, the Faculty Coordinators from the Department of Commerce, Asst. Prof. Indu Y and Asst. Prof. Sindhu Bhairavi G U.

The club aims at nurturing the consumers in the various segments of the market through its members and their contribution towards the activities of the club. The club provides a great feat for leadership, initiatives, learning, practical experience, real-time view of market, understanding consumer behaviour and their issues, and a lot more through its activities and projects.

The club is structured on a hierarchical basis and follows a fixed yet flexible chain of communication of the ideas generated and information flow. The theme of the club is “Invigorate: Powering Through Awareness”, it holds a significant meaning of empowering consumers through spreading awareness in various domains of commerce and business. The team Invigorate aims at bringing together man power in the club and unifying thoughts and actions towards constructive results out in society.

Some of the activities that are held through this club are Vivadh- a debate competition, Analytica- An article writing competition which is then released as a newsletter, Podcasts- conversations with eminent speakers of various fields, surveys to understand the consumers problems. These are being conducted as annual events by the club members. All these activities enrich the knowledge about the market and its changes.

Dance Club

“Dance your heart out”

MES College of Arts, Commerce and Science has always upheld the culture and ethnicity of India. The college has always promoted various art forms amongst the student fraternity. Ther is no dearth for the talented students in our college. Hence to bring together all the talented and interested students and to streamline the promotion of dance amongst the students a formal club was formally inaugurated in the year 2021. The club is installed with the intention of providing an opportunity to the students to exhibit their passion towards dance.

 This is a platform where the students can enhance their dancing skills by participating in various intra and inter collegiate fests. The students involve themselves in the areas of choreography, stage decorations, prop usage, designing of their costumes and collaborations with the music team to provide live performances and thereby gain experience. The club also aims at imparting technical skills to the students by organizing seminars, guest lectures on various topics relating to Dance. One such seminar was with the well-known dancer Smt. Shama Krishna. The club aspires to have many such accomplishments in future and ensure that the students never leave their passion as the club understands that ‘Passion is the genesis of genius.’

Electoral Literacy Club

The Electoral Literacy Cell of our college is committed to cultivating a vibrant culture of civic engagement and democratic participation among students. Through informative sessions, voter registration drives, and interactive workshops, we strive to equip our peers with the knowledge and understanding of electoral processes, voter rights, and the importance of active citizenship. Our goal is to empower students to exercise their right to vote responsibly, contribute to the democratic process, and make informed choices during elections.

English cLUB

“Fervour for Novelty “

MERAKI, the English Club, nurtures a strong sense of belonging among its stakeholders by consistently offering support for various events it organizes. Whether it’s a film screening, a literary gathering, or an exploration of creativity, the club encompasses a wide range of activities to promote the holistic development of students, providing them ample opportunities to showcase their creative talent. The club encourages critical thinking and fosters innovative ideas and aims to inspire students to explore their full potential. In any initiative students undertake within the club, Meraki encourages them to infuse their efforts with passion and originality. This essence of Meraki – fervour for novelty – underpins the Club’s Philosophy – inspire students to bring a soulful approach to everything they do.


The Club nurtures individual talents and passion by helping members develop their creative skills and build confidence in their artistic expressions. It also celebrates the diverse creative voices of the contributors and promote mutual appreciation of literature. It also facilitates respectful discussions about literary works, diverse perspectives, and interpretations. The club’s initiative lies in revamping the skills through practical application and it channelises the imaginative and inventive ability of the students.


Film club in the department of English of M.E.S College of Arts, Commerce and Science organizes special lectures on artistic cinema, popular cinema and documentaries in every semester. The club provides the students an opportunity to watch, discuss and review the films in literary aspects. Students also understand the history of Indian cinema and world cinema. It’s an important platform for the student aspirants in the field, expose them to liberal arts and critical thinking in English literacy studies. The Club organised the screening of the theatrical play “Dance like a Man” by Mahesh Dattani. An event was organised with Dr. Manuchakravarthy a reputed speaker on topics related to literature and film studies.


A literary club can engage in a variety of activities to foster love for literature and promote discussion. On this note, The Department of English, MES College Of Arts, Commerce and Science, Malleswaram, Bangalore conducted an event called ‘Samvada’, an interactive session between students and Mr. Vasudhendra Shroff on 18th July 2023.He is a Sahitya Academy Winner, well known scholar, activist and an amazing Kannada writer as well as great story teller. ‘Tejo -Tungabhadra’, ‘Mohanswamy’, ‘Namma Amma Andre Nangishta’ are some of his famous works. His speech was fascinating and very informative. The interactive session was mind blowing and he answered all their questions in a interesting way. Finally, the session enriched the minds of students and audience.

Hamsadhwani music club

“Journey of music”

MES Hamsadhwani is the musical wing of MES College. It gives an opportunity to the young talents who are good at Music in its different forms including singing (classical, semi classical, folk and filmy music) and instruments.
Hamsadhwani acts as a stepping stone in practicing and enabling students to participate in music competitions, fests, and other cultural programs. Hamsadhwani auditions are conducted annually at the college premises. This forms a very strong music team where the team members perform in cultural programs throughout the year in the college activities and fests.

it club

“Igniting Passion and Encoding Intelligence”

The IT club of the Department of Computer Science strives to provide students with a platform to exhibit their knowledge on current trends in Information Technology and prepare them for the competitive world by conducting various competitions/activities.


  • To promote and encourage the students to acquire the latest technological skills to enhance their job prospects.
  • To benefit the students by involving them in various activities related to the field of computer technology and exhibit their talent.
  • To provide a platform where students can share their knowledge in the current trends of information technology.

Kairos – The Commerce Forum

“Let’s navigate the realm of commerce, and steer it to a future that we shape. “

Kairos is an intelligently conceived endeavor, that it resides in the very core beliefs and the actions of the members. It is a dynamic platform that harmonizes the academic competencies with the application of the authentic commerce scenarios. Kairos offers a myriad of opportunities for students to develop vital skills, pertinent understanding of the subject and well achieved affiliation to professionals. Stemming from insightful guest lectures, interactive workshops to ambitious tournaments to sate one’s unquenchable hunt for acumen. It empowers students of today to become erudite business leaders of tomorrow. Kairos aims to break barriers, in pursuit of the triumphant knowledge of commerce and economics, vowing to be amnesty for your innovative reasoning and the genesis of entrepreneurial journey.


“Navjavanonka Awaaz”

The Legal Awareness Cell of our college is dedicated to fostering a culture of legal literacy and empowerment among students and village people. Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions, we aim to educate our peers about their rights and responsibilities under the law. Our mission is to equip students and villagers with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate legal issues effectively, promote social justice, and uphold the rule of law in our community.


“Unity and Discipline”

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a youth organization in India that aims to inculcate discipline, leadership, and a spirit of service among young people. It operates under the Ministry of Defense and has branches in schools and colleges across the country. NCC offers various activities including drill, shooting, adventure sports, and social service. It has three wings: Army, Navy, and Air Force, and participation is voluntary. NCC also plays a significant role in national emergencies and disaster management. At the core of NCC is loyal on its guiding principles, which form the strong bridge of its mission and activities. Among these principles is discipline, instilling in cadets a sense of order, respect, and responsibility.

NCC also places a strong emphasis on leadership development, providing cadets with opportunities to hone their leadership skills through practical training and real-world experiences. Unity and integration are fundamental values promoted by NCC, fostering a sense of national identity and solidarity among cadets from diverse backgrounds. Patriotism is another principle, nurturing in cadets a deep love and commitment to their country. These principles collectively sharpens the character and ethics of NCC cadets, preparing them to become responsible citizens and future leaders of the nation by conducting various camps.. SUO Lipika H R from YEP, fostering cultural exchange and international understanding; JUO Muskan Sehrawat from Kartavya path, emphasizes community service and social responsibility and Vibha Arun Bharadwaj from TSC, focusing on technical skill development, they have successfully completed one of the important camps in NCC.

national service scheme (nss)

“Not me but you”

The NSS cell at our college is a vibrant and animated community of dedicated socially vigilant volunteers pledging to shoulder social upliftment and have active community engagements. Through a tapestry of methodically deliberated initiatives ranging from blood donation drives to environmental clean-up campaigns, to on ground participation in serving to refurbish villages.
The NSS cell empowers students to make a positive impact on society while ensuring cultivation of values such as leadership and teamwork prowess. With emphasis on aid, compassion, and unity, our NSS cell strives to pave a better world for all. NSS today stands as proud vision of social transformation, with the motto, to be persistent, and to be that hope that reaches the very toughest and farthest of places. Join us as we embody this awe inspiring determination of human spirit and make a difference together – because together, we can change lives and inspire hearts.


“Unnathi – the top pick”

The Placement Cell of our college is dedicated to facilitating career development and employment opportunities for our students. Through networking events, skill-building workshops, and industry collaborations, we strive to prepare our students for the competitive job market. Our team works tirelessly to connect students with prospective employers, offering guidance and support throughout the recruitment process. With a focus on enhancing employability and fostering professional growth, we aim to empower our students to achieve their career aspirations and excel in their chosen fields.

Ranghavibhava - Drama club

“Enact, Express, Experience.”

It provides theoretical knowledge to the students also there by improving stage presence, communication skills, cooperation and competitive spirit among students.

Rangers and Rovers

The Rangers and Rovers Club is a community where outdoor enthusiasts come together to explore nature, foster camaraderie, and engage in adventurous activities. From hiking through rugged terrain to camping under the starlit sky, our club provides opportunities for members to connect with the great outdoors and with each other. With a shared passion for adventure and conservation, we strive to create memorable experiences while promoting environmental stewardship and responsible outdoor recreation. Join us in embracing the spirit of exploration and discovery as we embark on unforgettable journeys together.


“Together We Thrive, Together We Serve.”

Rotaract, a global network of young adults aged 18-30, pulsates with the energy of service, leadership, and fellowship. Founded in 1968, it has evolved from a Rotary International youth program into a dynamic community of nearly 170,000 members across 11,000+ clubs in 189 countries. Unlike traditional service organizations, Rotaract empowers its members to design and execute their own projects, tackling local and international challenges. From literacy drives to environmental cleanups, the avenues for service are diverse, fostering both personal growth and community impact.

The Rotaract Club of MES College aims at uplifting its members and society by working at the grass roots level, creating an exquisite impact everywhere.


Sports Activities play a vital role that can change a student’s life .The Department of Physical Education provides coaching in athletics and games for committed performers. Qualified coaches train students in athletics ,basketball, table tennis,badminton,chess and cricket.

Department facilities and activities
The Department of Physical Education has a well equipped sports room. A Separate table tennis room for both boys and girls, students can play chess and carrom in the college.

Outdoor facilities
The college has a badminton and basketball court which can be used for practising after the college hours, Other sports activities like kabaddi, VolleyBall, Throw ball, Net ball etc. are conducted in nearby grounds.

Multi Gym
Our college has a well equipped gym room. Students can utilise the gym facilities at different times,Boys can utilise in the morning session and girls can utilise in the evening from 3.30 to 5.30 pm.
Sports representatives will be selected through election from each section. These secretaries help in conducting the sports events like intercollegiate, inter class, annual athletic meet during each academic year.

Activities conducted in the College
Department organises inter class sports events every year, for both indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games like table tennis, Shuttle Badminton, chess and carrom competitions for both boys and girls.Outdoor games like volleyball, cricket, Throw Ball, kabaddi and the most awaited annual athletic meet will also be conducted for both boys and girls.

Coaching for participating teams
The Department of Physical Education conducts selection trials for all group games like Cricket, Volleyball, Throw ball ,Net Ball ,Kabaddi as well as individual games like fencing, boxing, wrestling, athletics etc for both boys and girls.Department organises practice matches for different events and send outstanding players for participation at university, National level, State level tournaments and to the coaching camps.


“Building a Better World Together”

The Youth Red Cross is a vibrant community dedicated to cultivating the leadership and humanitarian spirit of young individuals. By promoting meaningful volunteer experiences, fostering empathy, and nurturing valuable skills, we aim to create a ripple effect of positive change. Our core principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality guide our actions and unite us in our quest to make the world a better place.
Youth Red Cross is a powerhouse of kindness and action, where young hearts come together to create a better tomorrow. Through our colorful events, impactful projects, and fun-filled activities, we inspire a sense of community, friendship, and purpose. We are the champions of empathy, the guardians of generosity, and the ambassadors of goodwill. Join us in our mission to spread smiles, give back to society, and empower young minds to be the change they wish to see in the world. Join the dynamic and spirited Youth Red Cross community at our college and embark on a journey of compassion, camaraderie, and positive impact.

Science club

“A club to explore the curiosity towards science”

In line with club’s essence various activities like sci-fest, skit, rangoli competition etc were conducted. Activities conducted brings an awareness about the need for conservation, or it improves memory, or develops an interest towards exploring Science by showcasing their talents and creativity